A couple of days back, I received one of the most exciting beauty mails everr. Being a blogger, i always get good stuff to review on my blog and instagram and most of them have positive reviews. As for the negative reviews, I always try to be brutally honest about what I’m promoting. I feel like as a blogger, I have a certain responsibility that lies on my shoulders. Being honest and stopping consumers from getting into shams and buying bad products is one of them.

One of the things I’m always brutally honest about are skincare products and makeup. Because these are products that can affect the consumers largely and no risk should ever be taken when it comes to someone’s health and other aspects. Also, this review is solely based upon my experience with brand and can differ from person to person according to their skin types etc.

As someone who have combo skin, which is oily in summers and dry as hell in winters, i have to take care of my skin throughout the calendar, which is exhausting. But one thing is for sure, with constant advancements in the skincare industry, it’s getting much more easier to manage products.

Because i break out quite often in summers, because of the oil accumulation in my open pores, i often use neem based facewashes of different brands. Elmore too have a purifying daily facewash with herbal neem extracts that can cleanse all the dirt, dead cells, viruses, bacterias and other impurities off from the skin, whilst preventing the facewash from stripping down the natural face oils that are essential to keep the moisture of the skin for hydration. Same goes for the cooling daily facewash that soothes your skin whilst cleansing it to make your skin hydrated and radiant in the warm weather.

Along with these, there are also products in Elmore beauty’s range to cater your skin in the pre winter autumns and the winters too, when your skin demands more moisture and hydration to survive the seasons.

Elmore Glycerin cream and body lotion with chamomile extract are great for pre and post pedicure! And for daily use to keep your feet, body and skin supple and soft and not crack up and give in to the harshness of the weather. The fragrance of the body lotion is also absolutely delightful and is surely a plus point for me!

Being a skincare junkie, reviewing Elmore Beauty products was such a treat for me. Stay tuned to my blog and Instagram for more reviews and updates! So, yeah. This is me, signing off!

Digitally Yours’,


Wurduh Jaffri.