Elmore Fairness Cream

Elmore Fairness Cream

This is a multivitamin (Vitamin E & Vitamin B3) based all weather fairness cream
• It has the added protection from UVA and UVB rays that promote the production of melanin in the skin, which causes skin to darken and creates patches of varying pigmentation
• The anti-oxidant properties of Vitamin E helps produce collagen in the skin that gives damaged and wrinkly skin elasticity & firmness
• The addition of refined milk extracts makes the skin smooth & vibrant with a healthy pink glow
• The unique blend of multivitamins, UV protectors and natural milk extracts act in combination to nourish & protect dull, weathered & dark skin
• You will feel your skin tone becoming lighter & glowing in just a few days
• It does NOT contain bleach or other harmful ingredients
• It acts as an effective sun block

Available Sizes

  • 25ml

  • 50ml Tube

  • 50ml Jar

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