Two to three weeks ago I was sent a PR package by Elmore Beauty (Elmore is a Registered Brand of Evan & Mayer Inc. USA) which contained two lotions, glycerine cream and two face-washes.About the Brand:


Elmore Cosmetics is a product of Evan & Mayer International,a company dedicated to providing quality cosmetic products to its global customers. Their growing line of cosmetic products under the banner of “ELMORE” is just a first step in realizing this goal. Since 1998, under the trade name of “ELMORE”, Evan & Mayer Inc. USA has been developing and Marketing a growing range of Top Quality Skin Care products where they undergo extensive Research and Development and are formulated after rigorous testing of finest American & European ingredients.

Today’s review is focused on the two face washes that I received from the brand, one being a ‘cooling’ face wash (oil-control formula) and the other being a ‘purifying’ one (Herbal formula).

Lets begin!

According to the brand, the gel formula of these face washes makes it easy to apply and the compact packaging allows you to travel with it conveniently for use on the go. Also, they claim to have used top quality ingredients to freshen skin without over-drying it.

1. Claims by the Brand:

Cooling Face Wash: Elmore’s Cooling Face Wash gives effective oil control and leaves a refreshingly cool feeling after use. Oil control is the key to preventing whiteheads & blackheads on the skin.


This face wash definitely gives a cooling effect to the skin when used. It is a clear gel-like formula that easily foams and leaves skin feeling clean and fresh. However, contrary to the claim of not over drying, it DOES dry the skin up quite alot and if used near my eyes or on my lids, the area starts itching because of the dryness so ladies with dry skin must stay away from this product and definitely not try cleansing eye makeup with it. Since the formula was created for oil control I believe it would be far better suited for people with really oily skin. It reminds me of the Neutrogena Acne Facewash quite alot (which is double the price). I recommend using a gel based moisturizer after using this face wash to avoid over drying.

2. Claims By The Brand:

Purifying Face WashWith the effective purifying and soothing qualities of natural neem extracts, Elmore’s Herbal Purifying Face Wash is best suited for those who require a daily facial cleansing product that removes dirt & oil build up without over drying the skin. 


Just like the cooling face wash, this too leaves skin feeling fresh. Of course it doesn’t have the same menthol-like feeling but the cool thing is the product is green! This also forms foam easily and washes off easily. What I particularly love about this facewash is that it does NOT overdry the skin unlike the cooling variant so it’s a win-win situation. Combination skin girlies like me, its time to jump on the bandwagon! With this one I don’t find the need to throw on alot of moisturizer either!

Ever since I have started using these face washes my skin has actually cleared out quite alot blemish/breakout wise but then again what works for me may not necessarily work for you!

If you’re still on the lookout for an affordable, travel friendly tube of facewash, look no further! Just remember to moisturize and of course use proper makeup remover to get rid of all the gunk before going to bed!

Both face washes come in typical plastic tubes and retail for Rs. 120 each (SO AFFORDABLE) and as mentioned above, are gel based. You can find them in stores nationwide and other Elmore Beauty products on

Lots of love,